This month of July we are happy to honor our Volunteer Megan Ogburn for her unbelievably hard work and kind heart as she volunteers at Emerald M twice a week.  We feel truly blessed to have a volunteer like Megan at Emerald M; she sees the work and miracles that happen at Emerald M and dedicates her time and work ethic to this organization.  Megan volunteers through leading horses in sessions, side walking, and helping take care of the horses by keeping up with their daily maintenance.  Megan loves all the horses but definitely has a connection for S’mores, they both love each other and Megan has a special place in her heart for this boy.  Megan continues to volunteer at Emerald M through the summer and works hard to make sure the horses are happy and healthy at Emerald M.  We are truly grateful for Megan and she works extremely hard and deserves to be our Volunteer of the Month.  Thank you Megan Ogburn for all that you do for Emerald M, we are so thankful to our volunteers that see the worth in the work that Emerald M provides.  

“I love how Emerald M shows others the healing power of horses”

                                                            – Megan Ogburn

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