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Hippotherapy is a treatment strategy used by physical, occupational, or speech therapists that incorporates the use of horses as a therapeutic tool to address a variety of physical, sensory, and cognitive challenges. Licensed therapists use the multi-dimensional movements of the horse to elicit specific responses from individuals undergoing therapy.

Horse Powered Reading®

Horse Powered Reading® combines social-emotional learning with academics, which enables participants to engage their whole selves in reading metaphors. Participants collaborate with horses on the ground, using toys and props to identify obstacles and discern reading skills. Together with motivation, confidence, and persistence, these horse-instilled skills lead to significant learning growth.
PEACE Pink Hair and Horse

P.E.A.S.E Program

Our Powerful Equine Assisted Self Exploration program is a team effort that brings together an equine specialist, one of our horses, and a participant. Our program aims to improve the social and educational skills of individuals facing behavioral and emotional challenges through equine-facilitated learning and metaphorical experiences. Our horses are central to teaching participants body awareness, emotional regulation, mindfulness, and self-discovery.

Starfish Foster Program

Our Starfish Foster Program is designed to support children who have been placed in the foster care system and/or are in the process of being adopted or who have been adopted within the last year. We assist children and their adopting families by providing resources and encouragement to help create a relationship built on trust that can offer better outcomes during and after the adoption process.

Childhood Cancer Program

Our Ansley’s Army of Angels program offers equine-assisted therapy services to children who are currently battling cancer or who are recovering from cancer treatment. We offer a recreational and peaceful setting that is handicap accessible for children during all stages of illness.

Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic riding, also known as equine-assisted therapy, adaptive riding, or horseback riding therapy is a recreational form of therapy, sometimes taught by a non-therapist instructor, which teaches riding and horsemanship skills, aimed to improve physical, cognitive, emotional, and social well-being for people of all abilities. Participants develop these skills on and off the saddle in a safe manner that is adapted to their specific needs, goals, and abilities.
Therapeutic Riding 2 - Brianna

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