About Emerald M Board of Directors                                                             

By Lisa Michelangelo, MPT, Executive Director


The Board of Directors of Emerald M are a talented and knowledgeable group of individuals who clearly understand and are committed to the mission of Hope, Renewal, and Growth- through the use of equine assisted therapies.  Each board member is willing to share their professional expertise and time to facilitate, maintain, and develop the programs we offer to our communities.  

We are indeed fortunate to present:


Lisa Michelangelo

Executive Director / President

“When I realized there was a facet to my profession where I could combine my love for horses with my love for Physical Therapy, I was all in.” 

Lisa graduated from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1998 with a Bachelors Degree in Health Sciences and a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy.  She began her professional career in Florida where she has practiced in a variety of settings for nearly 21 years. 

Motivated by her love of horses, Lisa extended her education by attending the Level 1 Hippotherapy Course through the American Hippotherapy Association.  That was the beginning of Emerald M.  In 2014, with support and encouragement from her husband and two daughters, Lisa decided to combine her passion for physical therapy with her love of horses.

“Many times, incredible things happen here that we cannot always explain.  Emerald M is a bridge.  Our participants come here seeking physical and/or emotional help.  When they arrive, many don’t have a clear picture of what they want to accomplish or how to get there.  Over time, they see hope, they have found people to guide and support them, and they begin setting clear goals.  We provide Hope to anyone who walks through our gates.”

Zach Johnson


“I have had a firsthand opportunity to witness the great work that Emerald M does with their clients.  I witness the calm in  mood and spirit that my own daughter experiences each time she visits the barn.”

Zach joined WellDyne, award-winning Pharmacy Benefit Manager and Specialty Pharmacy, in 2012 and became President in 2014. He has over 10 years of leadership experience across the Healthcare and PBM industries. Previously, he held multiple roles with Medco Health Solutions, focusing on pricing, underwriting, strategy, and financial account management for its Health Plans Division.  Zach hopes to leverage his business and finance skills as well as local and national networks to enable the entire community to participate in achieving a broader client base and achieve fundraising goals.

“I am a firm believer in the impact equine therapy can have on one’s life and love the work that Emerald M is doing to help bring that to others.”

Chuck Savko


“Lisa Savko Michelangelo, Executive Director of Emerald M, is amazing! Of course I might say that but she truly is amazing in our region. She sets a goal and one way or another, she makes it happen, regardless of how much work and effort is required.”

Chuck is a retired businessman who has learned that skills transfer. He is an entrenapeur. As a retired businessman from Columbus, Ohio, and after selling his businesses, he relocated to Wesley Chapel, Florida. Now anxious to contribute to Emerald M, he continues to apply many of the principles of business management to his work on the Board.

Now retired, Chuck and his wife Gina, proud parents of two daughters and grandparents of four grandchildren, are witnesses to the extraordinary vision and capacity of the Executive Director Lisa Savko, their daughter. “Lisa and her amazing volunteers bring hope and a renewed sense of self and growth to numerous children. I am witness to the fact that miracles happen.”

Barbara Robinson

Secretary and Board Member


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