Emerald M has wonderful horses here at the farm; each horse continues to make Emerald M what it is today.  However, we also have many people that are a part of Emerald M that support us and help grow Emerald M each day.  Our Board Members continue to support Emerald M and help make positive and smart decisions to help Emerald M grow as an organization and to follow our mission.  Our employees at Emerald M, including our barn managers, property manager, book keeper, accountant, therapists, development consultant, social media and blog writers all come together to keep Emerald M going as a well oiled machine everyday.  Also, our volunteers play a huge and grateful role at Emerald M, our volunteers donate their time and work ethic to help Emerald M and see the change that we make through every person that comes to the farm.  We are extremely thankful and grateful to have all of these wonderful people that help Emerald M and see its worth as an organization.  Without our wonderful horses, employees, board members, and volunteers; Emerald M would not be where it is today.   

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