Out of the 11 horses that are a part of Emerald M there is only one female horse that is at the farm and she is a beautiful white, flea-bitten grey, quarab.  Anna has been with us for almost two years now and she continues to change the lives of people through everyone she meets.  Anna has a very confident personality, now that she is feeling the love from others that are filling an unloving gap in her past.  Anna was a rescue and was underweight when she arrived, her eyes where just very depressed and lifeless.  However, over the two years of love, care, and putting over 200 pounds of weight on her, she has become a strong confident woman and now has a sparkle in her eye.  Anna enjoys being groomed, hanging out with her pasture mate Calvin, and participating in the P.E.A.C.E program.  Many participants that come through the farm have a special place in their heart for this sweet girl.  Anna is available for a 2020 horse sponsorship.

Custom Forged Horseshoe

After your purchase is complete, an Emerald M Team Member will be in touch to discuss personalization of your horseshoe.  Thank You!

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