Another spunky mini here at the farm is our mighty midget, Lil’Guy.  Lil’Guy is as cute as he sounds and has a glistening black coat and a thick luscious mane.  Lil’Guy participates in the P.E.A.C.E Program and helps teach our participants ground handling skills, along with confidence building so they can eventually move on to the bigger horses.  Lil’Guy pastures with his best friends, S’mores and Patches.  These three have an unbreakable friendship and at the farm their trio is known as the “Three Amigos.”  Lil’Guy may be tiny, but he is mighty when he pulls a small red cart and gives rides.  He found his love for kids from his past experiences working at the Staten Island Zoo and participating in parades and birthday parties.  Lil’Guy continues to get the love and affection from all of the people at Emerald M and his kind heart and personality make this horse special.  Lil’Guy is also available for the 2020 horse sponsorships.

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