Here at Emerald M our horses come in all different colors, personalities and SIZES.  Our smallest two are nearly 34 inches tall and are definitely the love bugs here at the farm.  These two Miniature Horses, known as, Soldier Boy and Illusion serve at Emerald M through the P.E.A.C.E program and through therapy.  These cuties are great confidence boosters for participants that may want to start with a smaller horse before gaining the trust and confidence to ride a bigger horse.  Soldier Boy and Illusion also love to be pampered with bows, hair clips, and glitter by our younger kids that make their manes dazzle.  These two may be small but they also have a sweet tooth for horse treats and horse cookies.  Our mini munchkins are full of love and cuddles and will definitely put a smile on your face, here at Emerald M.  Soldier Boy and Illusion are available for our 2020 horse sponsorship.

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