Today was another beautiful morning on the farm joined by our men and women who served our country.  We are so privileged to be partnered with Veterans Alternative to provide an equine counseling experience for their retreat members.  Our P.E.A.C.E. (Powerful, Equine Assisted Counseling Experience) program is another service offered here at the farm.  Lead by a mental health counselor, this program helps foster those who are struggling emotionally, physically, or mentally to find healing and coping strategies through the use of horses.  
Each week that we share with our veterans is a gift.  They leave differently then they arrive.  Many times they enter the farm appearing guarded, apprehensive, and formal. They don’t know what is expected of them, many have a fear of horses.  Through the use of understanding our equine friends and how closely their lives parallel ours, the veterans find comfort, security, peace, and the ability to share.  They soften, they laugh, they cry, and they start to understand themselves and their families.  They leave Emerald M with a small  hoof print on their hearts.
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