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Powerful Equine Assisted Counseling Experience

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The PEACE program includes a team approach made up of a behavioral specialist, equine specialist, horse, and participant.  The program is designed to enhance the social and educational skills for children and adults with physical, social, emotional, and/or learning deficits through the use of equine facilitated learning.  PEACE is designed to help children and adults with physical disabilities, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, ASD, depression, trauma, and various other behavioral and emotional disorders. PEACE also services children with cancer and their siblings, along with children in foster care en route for adoption.


**Scholarships available to children with cancer who meet the specified criteria.

Ansley’s Army of Angels


According to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, 43 children will be diagnosed with cancer every day, and 95% of childhood survivors have significant health related issues due to treatments. Cancer is the number one cause of death by disease among children.

Ansley’s Army of Angels is our program that offers physical therapy incorporating hippotherapy to children that currently have cancer or are recovering from cancer treatment. Children with cancer typically suffer extreme effects during and after exposure to cancer treatments including loss of motor skills, loss of muscle mass and strength, and loss of the physical ability to participate in basic enriching activities of daily life. We also provide services to the siblings and parents in those families for coping and grief counseling by incorporating the use of equine facilitated learning and interaction.   We offer a recreational and peaceful setting that is handicap accessible for children during all stages of illness.


**Scholarships available to children with cancer who meet the specified criteria.

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Starfish Foster Program


According to My Florida Families as of July 31, 2021, there are 11,722 children in the state of Florida residing in licensed foster care.  We believe that children deserve to overcome the injustices that have occurred at the hands of adults that have failed them and grow to thrive in loving families and society. Maladaptive behaviors are developed because of a child’s exposure to unsafe and uncertain environments, and not because a child is “bad.” At Emerald M Therapeutic Riding Center, we aim to do more than allow a child to visit and pet a horse. We become part of the child’s community support and a reliable, safe place where they can explore and grow. We work with caregivers to provide support, understanding, and positive informed solutions with the child’s history and best interests in mind. Currently, emerging trends involving animal-assisted therapies for mental health benefits are on the rise, and for a good reason. Research suggests stress reduction, increased social interactions, enhanced emotional regulation, reduced impulsive behaviors, and improved attention span (Shandy Clinic, 2020). The program also provides parental support and resources that will result in a more trusting parent-child relationship and a better outcome during and after the adoption process.

 The Starfish Program is our program for children that have been previously placed in the foster care system that are in route to becoming adopted or have already been adopted by new families within the last year.  Foster children have been reported to have increased adverse behaviors. These symptoms can range from nightmares, anxiety, excessive crying, sadness, disappointment, withdrawal to anti-social and physical behaviors such as hitting, screaming, kicking, and biting. Our facility and staff has the training, equipment, and safety measures that offer equine assisted activities to participants in all stages of their journeys.



**Scholarships available to children with cancer who meet the specified criteria.

Why Horses?

According to Psychology Today, horses are incredibly intuitive. Horses are prey animals, therefore they are very in-tune with their surroundings. What does this mean? It means that a horse can sense human emotion and reflect it back. Because of this, clients are able to highlight the animal’s behavior and analyze it based on their own emotions. 


PEACE - Group setting

Did you know?

  • Horses can weight up to 2,200 pounds. Having the ability to handle and work alongside an animal so massive is guaranteed to improve your self-confidence, empowerment and trust. 

  • Biologically, horses can decrease a human’s blood pressure and heart rate. As a result, humans will:

    • Feel lower levels of stress.

    • Reduce feelings of tension, anxiety, and anger.

    • Increase levels of beta-endorphins (pain suppressor). 

Emerald M Therapeutic Riding Center and Veterans

Emerald M has serviced over 150 combat veterans and their spouses, as well as Gold Star women, from all around the country.

Spot the Signs!

Memories: Memories of a traumatic event may occur in your sleep as nightmares or during the day as flashbacks. 

Avoidance: You don’t want to talk about it or think about it. You avoid anyone or anything that reminds you of that event. 

Behavior Changes: Your emotions may become more intense. Irrational, angry outbursts are common. 

Mood Swings: Deep feelings of guilt or shame. You may feel hopeless, numb or bad about yourself. Thoughts of suicide may run through your head and you no longer find interest in activities you normally enjoy. 


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